After extensive discussions with the board of RocketApps and have jointly come to the conclusion that for both BloxTech and RocketApps this acquisition comes at the right time and will be a win-win situation for both parties.

20th January 2021 - BloxTech announces that it has come to an agreement to take over RocketApps. The previous owner, Matthew has decided that his time had come on RocketApps. For the current clients of BloxTech this acquisition will allow them to get a broader range of features whilst the current RocketApps clients will keep enjoying the service they're used to, but with a BloxTech touch.

What is that, a "BloxTech touch"?

BloxTech is known for its user-friendly design. When designing our interface we always bear in mind that you should not have to read a manual (or FAQ guides) in order to know how to use the application. We are confident that a good description and logical placement of elements in the application allows an easier, more understandable usage of the software.

Adding onto that, BloxTech strives to deliver an exceptional hybrid customer support. Our customer success team sends a reply to every question that comes in. We're slowly moving from support over Discord to full support on our website. This allows our support agents to view more relevant information regarding your question or issue which empowers their abilities to help the customers in a more efficient way.

What will happen to RocketApps?

As we speak, we are transferring the RocketApps panel and API (the technical stuff) to our own server. This might cause some downtime, which we will keep you posted of via our Discord server and our status page

When everything has been transferred from RocketApps' hosting, you will be able to access the RocketApps panel via

What will happen to RocketApps' employees?

As all people working for RocketApps are volunteers, we are unable to bring every staff member to BloxTech's team due to limited resources. However, in the first few weeks that RocketApps will be running aside BloxTech Applications all staff members are still here to allow a smooth transfer. During this period the BloxTech management will be keeping an eye out and decide who to will come over to BloxTech once the merge has been completed.

Will my Bloxtech Applications or RocketApps centre stay working as usual?

Yes, BloxTech will do everything in its power to keep your centre working as usual until the final merge happens. When everything is ready for the final merge we will inform both of our customers that we're updating and what you need to do in order to have your centre ported to the new version.

BloxTech aims for a full-automatic transfer. In other words: We are investigating if it's possible to merge your data automatically and keep your centres running without the need of your intervention.

What about my Discord bot?

As Discord requires a verification when your bot is in more than 100 servers, there might be a little downtime until Discord approves the verification. However, we will try our best to keep every downtime as small as possible.

My group is partnered with RocketApps. What will happen to this partnership?

BloxTech has made the decision to keep all partners and will keep on providing the partner benefits. In short: Nothing changes for your group.

When will you move servers?

We have planned a "scheduled maintenance" event on our status page for you:
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