There are multiple possibilities to get in touch with our customer success team. The most common and easy way is to contact us via our website, through our live chat.

Live chat

We'd love it if you contact us through our live chat. Our team can view non-personal account information (username, linked Roblox account, and discord ID if applicable) once you logged in, thus allowing us to help you quickly without having to worry if we're talking to the real you. Furthermore, we have a team of excellent support agents available to help you when needed!

To contact us via our live chat, all you have to do is press the chat button on the bottom right of your screen. Next, press "Send us a message".

If we are unavailable to answer your question at this given moment, don't fear! Our replies will stay here for you until you come back to our site. Are you logging in from another device? Don't worry; the chat gets synced for you! All you have to do is log in. If that isn't magic, I don't know either.


Are you not a fan of just having to send us a message, as easy as it can be? Or do you love using Discord? Well, fear no more! We have our Discord support robot ready to help you whenever that's needed. (You'll first be greeted by an automatic robot. If he cannot resolve your question, our team will come in and assist you! ;D)

To contact us via Discord, you must join our Discord server. Next, look at the member list and send a direct message to "BloxTech Customer Service".

Join our Discord server

Kind regards,

The BloxTech Team
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