2nd January 2022 - BloxTech announces the shutdown of it's service operated by it's subsidiary, RocketApps. The member counter, also known as group counter has been taken offline and has ceased operations immediately.


Unfortunately, we have to announce that we will no longer be able to offer the service "Group counter", also known as "member counter" of our subsidiary RocketApps, with immediate effect, in order to guarantee the stability and reliability of the other services we offer.

A while ago, this feature was available for free, also at our competitors such as Hyra. They have already made the switch to a paid (albeit cheap) version of this product. We wanted to continue to strive to keep the features that have always been free since the beginning of RocketApps, even after the acquisition by BloxTech, free.

Unfortunately, we were not able to do so, and we wish to offer our sincere apologies for that. We could not have foreseen that this service would become so popular that its popularity would also kill it.

Rest assured that in the future we will do everything to be able to offer this service again - albeit no longer for free, but still for a reasonable price - when we are sure that even in the event that the service becomes popular, we will still be able to continue it with the quality and stability that you have come to expect from us.

We are sure that together we can continue to improve our service, and hope that you will support us in this.

Thank you for your understanding,
Kind regards,
BloxTech's Management
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