Go to your team's integrations page, as seen below:

Navigate to Integrations Page

Here, you should see the option to link a roblox bot, as seen below:

Link Roblox Bot

Open an incognito window in your browser and login to your roblox bot. For assistance on doing that click here: Browse in private

Right click your mouse and click “Inspect”, as seen below:


If the "Application" table is not visible click on the arrows then click the "Application" button, if it is visible simply click on the "Application" button, as seen blow:
Open Application Tab

Expand the “Cookies” tab. You should now see something that says “ROBLOSECURITY”, copy the entire value and paste it into the RocketApps site.


Close the incognito window without logging out of the bots account. You will need to follow these instructions every time you login to the bots account.

Keep your account safe! Do not send any information on this page to anyone, as with this information they could log into you account. No employee of BloxTech will ask for this code, and you should not share it.

To learn more about keeping your account safe, Roblox wrote an article about account safety.

Don't hesitate to message us in case you need more assistance!
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