Have you always wanted to rank people in your group in-game? Do you know how to script in Roblox but never managed to get this working?

Roblox LUA
How do I use it?
local Bot = require(game.ServerScriptService:WaitForChild("RocketBots")).new("YOUR_TEAM_ID_HERE");
local ranked = Bot:RankInGroup(12345,2);
if ranked.success then
print("Successfully ranked");
print("Unable to rank.");

Roblox Module

Have you been trying to make a Discord robot but have you always been struggling with noblox because the cookie broke yet another time? Are you afraid of accidentally exposing your cookie for everyone out there to see?

Well, fear no more! We have also developed an NPM package to make it easy for you to use your RocketApps Roblox integration!
Note: Run npm install rocketbots before trying out this code, as it will say it can't find the rocketbots module.

const RocketBots = require('rocketbots');
const Bot = new RocketBot('YOUR_TEAM_ID_HERE');
Bot.rankInGroup(12345,2).then((ranked) => { // 12345 is the user, ID in this case, 2 is the rank ID.


Team ID
How do I get my team ID?
Head to https://rocketapps.bloxtech.tech/.
Sign up (or login) for an account.
Create a team (Make sure to input the right Roblox group ID here, as this is the group ID that the module will use.)
Once the team is created, press "manage" next to your team.
Now head to the "integrations" tab.
Press "Link Bot" button.
In the input field, enter the cookie of your Robot and press the green "next" button.
Confirm that we are linking the correct Roblox account.
The page will now reload. Head to the "integrations" tab once again.
On the bottom it will say "RocketApps also allows you to use your bots through our API. View the api here". Press the "here".
You'll now be redirected to our API documentation. Head to the "settings" tab.
Copy your team / loader ID here 🙂

I need support!
Didn't manage to figure out how to use our module? Feel free to contact us!
As only a few support agents are trained to debug code wait times might be longer than usual.
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