Hey there! We are sorry to hear that your ROBLOX Bot is not working, please follow the steps that go along with the issue you are having. If the issue you are having is not listed, or the steps listed did not solve your issue please contact our support team.

Please choose the best issue that describes your problem:

The ROBLOX bot isn’t sending me a PM after passing/failing/applying/reported.
For the ROBLOX bot to send you a PM, you must have “Who can message me” set to everyone in your ROBLOX settings.
You can do that here. The bot must also have a VERIFIED email address saved. You can also do that here.

The ROBLOX bot isn’t ranking.
The ROBLOX bot must have a high rank in the group, it must be above all members that need to be ranked and it must have the “Manage lower-ranked members” permission within the group. If you’re the owner of the group, you have to test on an alt.

My information isn't saving.
RocketApps automatically saves data after you input it. It may take a few moments to update.

This didn't fix the issue..
Please try re-linking your Roblox bot via your team page on the tab "Integrations".

If you have any questions or this did not work, please feel free to message us!
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