Before we begin, ensure you have the Roblox Studio installed. Press here to download the Roblox Studio directly. This is a pretty detailed article, as we have received many questions about publishing. This tutorial will take around 10-15 minutes.

Download your centre file

1. Log in to your BloxTech account.

2. Press --> Go on the centre you wish to publish.

3. Press Download on the action buttons, located below your centre title.

4. Choose a type of centre. You can read more about the types here. The publishing instructions are the same for both.

5. Your file will download now. Open the downloaded file.
Note: Some browsers don't download correctly. Try Google Chrome if you run into any issues.

6. Wait until you see something like this:

Deploy your centre on Roblox

7. Open Game Settings.

8. Press Publish.

9. Now, write a name (1) and optionally a description (2). This will become visible to your applicants. At creator (3), you can choose to upload it to your own profile ("Me") or a group you have permissions for to upload games to.

10. Congratulations, you've successfully published your centre to Roblox! We're not done yet, press Close to continue.

Make your centre public

11. Again, open Game Settings.

12. In the dialog that popped up, navigate to Permissions and select Public.

13. Press Save to save the settings chosen by you.

Allow your centre to load BloxTech

14. For the last time, open Game Settings.

15. Now, head to Security and select Allow Third Party Teleports.

16. And again, press Save to save the settings chosen by you.

🎉 Congratulations, you have now uploaded your centre to Roblox! Eventually, you might want to test it out, follow the steps below for that:

1. Press on the Share-icon, in the right upper corner of your screen.

2. Click on Copy Link to copy the game link to clipboard.

3. Paste that link in the address bar of your browser. (Every game/centre has its own link, this is just an example.)

4. Press the green Play-icon to load your centre. If everything's alright, you should see the following:

🤔 But what if that doesn't happen? Here are some often seen problems.

- My centre is stuck on the loading screen

Please review step 15. Eventually, we have a standalone article for this problem too.

- My centre doesn't show up at my group.

Your centre might either not be public or your group has not been configured yet to show up games there. Learn more about how to resolve this problem.

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